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Product QR code, the standard is released, what do you think of the company

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-20

The development of the industry has allowed more companies to shift from traditional operations to online and offline models. Products have begun to have their own identity, allowing consumers to purchase

Things are more convenient.

In response to the diversification of today, the country has begun to formulate relevant laws and regulations to stabilize market sales and circulation. The national standard of 'Product QR Code' [GB/T 33993-2017] was officially released on July 12, and officially started on February 1, 2018 Implement.

'One item, one code' has become the mainstream traceability system for commodities. And the two-dimensional code has become the main stream of many merchants due to its high density, large capacity, high error correction rate, and low cost.

Since the times, QR codes have flourished in a rapid manner. Now even if it is from buying a cup of milk tea to the fish and vegetables in the vegetable farm, you can scan the code for payment or traceability.

As an enterprise, it is even more important to understand the power of technology in the Internet today, and at the same time know how to protect your own enterprise. At present, many companies often

use the QR code generators on the market to generate QR codes for free, but there are potential risks and security vulnerabilities. If used improperly, not only consumers Rights and interests will be infringed,

It may also cause unpredictable economic losses and brand taint to the company.

The application of QR code is now in full swing and is being continuously applied by more products, whether it is from food safety, medication safety to traceability in various industries; from anti-counterfeiting< /p>

Anti-channeling, logistics tracking, warehousing management to Industry 4.0, information factory, digital factory, Made in China 2025, etc., including nowadays marketing applications, QR code fast


It has quickly become the identity carrier of the best products in various industries, driving the digital information revolution in the Internet era. The issuance of the national standard of 'Product QR Code' not only helps solve the problem of inconsistent Leadtech Coding data structure in the application of my country's product QR code, but also helps Standardize various industries to enter the era of 'one product, one code' faster.

The application of QR codes has allowed every type of recognition to start a new look. I want to tell many commodity manufacturers that commodity QR codes may one day in the future because of the times. Development

Expand, if you don’t, you may be ruthlessly eliminated.

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