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Professional mobile laser split screen machine - Mobile phone screen artifact faster

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-28
Before the phone's screen is widely used to remove gum and heating. ” Remove the glue biggest drawback is the mainboard and backlight easily into the liquid. Heating separation effect is not very ideal, because the phone's screen and back cover with glue must achieve high temperature or low temperature, can be physical separation. When we heat up, if the temperature is too high, it is easy to cause damage to screen or mobile phones, too low temperature effect cannot be achieved, in the middle of the box or glass cannot be removed. Laser has the characteristics of penetrates the glass melt, with a originally used in laser mark machine converted into laser split screen ( Box) Machine, through testing, really achieve the ideal effect, not only greatly improve the working efficiency, Split screen an average 20 seconds) , and effectively reduce the damage rate, and does not require any consumables, can be said to be the case. Laser is also the urgent need of the user, and according to the requirement of the removing screen for the first time, after repeated experiments, developed the first used to remove the screen box and battery back cover of LH - glass Y- GQ30W laser dust catcher, adopts the most advanced laser and laser lens. Airframe adopt the aluminum structure, air cooling mode. The machine only about 30 kg weight, especially suitable for mobile phone maintenance use.
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