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Purchasing handheld spurt the code machine to understand what are the problems?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-15
Holding a spurt the cij printer, just as its name implies is a small and can be directly with operating printing equipment, this type of spurt the cij printer can solve many problems for the enterprise, so as to make the production more smoothly and save time. So, as the enterprise, at the time of purchase handheld spurt the code machine need to understand which issues? 1. Understand model fit of high quality handheld spurt the code in the design and printing products factory house will develop a variety of different models, mainly because the different products in the printing will have a variety of different requirements, if there is only one model cannot meet the demand of more products printing, so the enterprise must understand when purchasing handheld jet. the what spurt the code machine model, and to understand their products in the printing of the demand, what type of handheld spurt the code machine can meet the demand of the product code. 2. Need to know what material in the use of spurt the code machine need some consumables collocation, after in order to facilitate the use of enterprise purchasing handheld spurt the code machine when you need to understand what are the relevant materials, in addition, but also seriously understand consumables whether there are fixed type and type and a variety of different brands and models of material whether can be mixed together. 3. After-sales service enterprise purchase after holding a spurt the code machine, not only use a short period of time, but every time production products will use handheld to cij printer to spurt the code of product, if the abnormal situation spurt the code machine will affect production progress, in order to ensure that spurt the code machine after problems can timely and correctly solve enterprise handheld printing factory will know how to after-sales service. Above all three is the enterprise at the time of purchase handheld jet. the need to know more, enterprise staff no matter what the purchasing materials can impulse and blind, so, in the procurement spurt the code machine, in addition to understand where production of handheld cij printer quality is reliable, more understanding of our needs what type of spurt the cij printer and material things.
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