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Pure cotton guanggu shan custom advantages -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-11
Advertising is everywhere, what kind of advertisement is a popular, worthy of praise? That is, of course, concise and meaningful guanggu shan, it's a & other; Mobile billboards throughout the &; , wearing not only, and if the idea is attractive enough, can also be very profound impression to consumers. Sometimes, a meaningful guanggu shan can also be used as a promotional gift given to others. Such is such as Oxford University, many students scrambling for their guanggu shan is worth the world, it is not only the glory of the university of Oxford, is also a comfort of numerous students. What are the advantages of custom so pure cotton guanggu shan? The material of pure cotton T-shirt not only has good absorb sweat permeability, wearing also is very soft, close skin. So what process custom clothing? Recommend using digital direct injection technology. Printing cost is low, not only bright colors, and color fastness is very good. A brief introduction, use famous white T-shirt laser printing machine ink, not only reduce the nozzle clogging, also can print better white, color fastness to stronger. Even if use knife also not afraid! T-shirt printing, is worthy of your favor.
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