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Pure sharing: laser marking machine for printing ink printing machine has obvious advantages

by:LEAD TECH      2020-10-14

in the laser marking machine is not yet available, sign industry in packaging for the item marked time will choose to use ink printing machine. Mainly through the control gear pump or provided by the machine external compressed gas, and want to ink a certain amount of pressure within the system, make the ink's aperture by a few dozen microns, and shown to spray on commodity packaging printing effect. Due to the printing effect of the different types of ink printing machine also has a lot of kinds, but ink laser marking machine there is a defect, is the need to complement in time to when run out of ink for regular marking, otherwise the machine will be in a state of the strike. Because there is this kind of defects, only the existence of laser marking machine.

we all know is continuous development and progress of society that there are some problems when something can't meet the demand of consumer, people will think a way to create a better solution. For some processors do not want to repetitive purchase ink consumable materials businesses, we'll think of some way to redesign a don't need to code laser printing machine consumables, to meet the needs of the diversification of suppliers. Due to laser technology itself is in the range of many areas of industry to spread more widely, so relevant technical personnel by the invention of the laser marking machine laser technology. After a period of testing logo on the laser marking machine in some respects actually better than ink printing machine, the specific performance is as follows:

1, marking time is short: laser marking mainly through the high beam quality on the surface of an object is engraving gasified burning, in a very short period of time through the control of laser beam effective only, perform the delicate graphic etc.

2, zero consumables: play the underlying process is not to need to use any consumables, can save unnecessary expenses.

3, increase brand awareness, laser marking machine the printed logo effect can improve product brand awareness from the indirect, make product appearance looks more tall, to promote the class of the goods.

4, environmental marking: adopted by the spurt the cij printer ink is likely to produce chemicals, the environment is a harm to human body, can't meet the demand for environmentally friendly products, and laser marking machine is just the opposite.

5, safe and reliable equipment: since most versions are chosen on the combination of imported equipment and technology, make the whole of the machine more safety and reliable, good stability and long work hours, let it can adapt to in bulk processing production line.

6, better security: printing ink is easy to be undesirable businessman change their information, can not play the role of inhibition and prevention effect, laser machine can anyway.

7, marking range more precise: it can within the scope of the small print a large amount of data, can according to meet the needs of different types of marking, etc.

all in all, although the laser marking machine is popular in the current market is still not enough broad, but always in the future development of the use of laser marking machine must be rising, it is more advanced than ink printing a marking technology, to solve problems and improve the traditional code laser laser marking machine, greatly improves the reliability of the device itself, flexibility, security, environmental protection and practicality, etc.
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