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Purple light laser engraving machine works

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-07-01
Purple light laser engraving machine working principle is to use ultraviolet laser produces cold high-energy laser beam, when ultraviolet laser acting on the material object, light energy is converted into heat energy. Surface material melt even in a flash vaporization, forms the graphics and text markup. Using a laser tag, high efficiency, high precision, low cost, marking permanent and indelible, thus improve its traceability. Purple light laser engraving machine is a kind of plastic products of the role of cold light source, around not burnt. No handle, high resolution. Purple light laser engraving machine is equipped with a water tank, the water cooling. Purple light laser carving machine machine is suitable for the material such as plastic, glass, metal, the identity of the text on pattern. It is very easy to operate.
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