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PVC foam board flat-panel printers -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-28
PVC foam board of digital printing needs more and more obvious, because of its widespread use, such as marks, decoration, ceiling, suitable for indoor and outdoor. In order to make the picture of we need to print to the surface, we need a digital [ PVC foam board laser printing machine] 。 Flat printing hair PVC foam board is known to all, UV flat-panel printers is a kind of direct printing can be all kinds of plane material equipment, including rigid and flexible materials. As a 8 years UV laser printing machine manufacturers, flat-panel printers is one of our main business. We provide print solutions has helped a large number of stable customer or expand their markets, including family adornment, such as ceiling, wallpaper, shutters, ceramic, glass, wood, canvas, logo and advertising, such as acrylic, metal, billboards, banners, bubble. M board. PVC foam board printing machine for a good printing results, reliable digital laser printing machine is very important. Here, I will recommend a kind of high quality PVC foam board with UV printing plate printing machine, it is also the reason why we are very popular in China. So, what kind of printer is good for PVC foaming printing? Our YD F2513R5 flat-panel printers can choose and industrial ricoh GE5 print head. With a primary color UV ink and UV leds for ink curing. Ricoh Gen5 with its high performance, excellent printing resolution and reasonable price in the printing market occupies an important position. 码, F2513R5 type plate type UV LED printer, equipped with 2 - 8 PCS ricoh Gen5, can in 2. 5 m× 1. 3 m's print bed for 600 & times; 2400 dpi print. 2 pt characters can be printed clearly. And C, M, Y, K, LC, Lm, white ink and varnish printing capacity, whatever you want to apply your foam board print for decoration or sign board, display, menu and numerous industry, can do. In addition to the foam board printing, if you have some other projects need on-demand printing, our other uv flat-panel printers can meet various needs.
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