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Qr code laser marking machine to realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional PCB code

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-12

PCB industry belongs to one of the most active industries in the electronics industry, in almost all electronic equipment can be used to, such as our common mobile phone, computer, tablet, etc. With the continuous development of society, consumer demand for electronic products is becoming more and more widely, diversified demand determines the PCB must also present a diversified enough to meet the market demand. When there is a product diversification manufacturer the difficulty will also improve the management of the product, how can you have a quality management products become the businesses need to solve one of the major problems. Qr code of traceability system application is the PCB manufacturer home essential a means, is also one of the many industry development trends.

PCB manufacturers to implement using qr code traceability system for PCB products regulation, you need to clearly on the PCB surface markers of one-dimensional, qr code, the code is built, string, such as information, of course, can also according to the requirements in terms of trademark, logo, model, Numbers, and other aspects of requirements. This kind of information in the early stages of a tag mainly through paper label and ink form. But the two methods of tag such problems: attachment can appear sometimes the loss of information on the PCB board, lead to goods will not be able to manage well, the negligence. And inkjet form occasionally also can appear the ink is not dry enough, was accidentally erased, also will be blurred, needs to be marked for wasting time, also reduces the production effect.

in order to solve the traditional form of marking way, a lot of PCB manufacturers began to choose to use qr code laser marking so as to realize the innovation on the PCB in the code. The current electronic equipment has been gradually developed towards lightweight, miniaturization, and thus the dimension of a PCB is becoming more and more small, in order to save space exploitation degree, the qr code information on the PCB are fine tendency of small, high density, small width in the direction of development, the early markers can never meet, only laser marking technology can achieve.

compared with early marker form, qr code laser marking machine machine has a more environmental protection, economy, stability, fine, accurate, clear, precise and permanent, won't appear fuzzy or accidents are easily erased, non-contact way of marking to avoid damage to PCB, not injury and PCB board base material, machining high precision, long service life, high efficiency, qr code, artificial convenient operation, fine marking touch and no obvious tactility, easy-to-install process to produce more relaxed and pleasant.

a further advantage of qr code laser marking machine is able to according to the customer's demand on tag information changes at any time, and is not subject to any limitations, qr code, information will also be able to mark one dimensional code, barcode, strings, Numbers, words, designs, trademarks and other information. Tag information is highly readable, using laser marking technology of qr code laser marking machine is belong to zero consumables non-contact processing, so that it can't be produced with toxic gases harmful substances to human body, also won't damage to the environment.

in the appeal, in the PCB industry with miniaturization, light, highly integrated, including development, only the qr code of laser marking machine and laser marking can realize PCB code to upgrade the transformation of innovation, and laser marking machine will become the industry code code one of the mainstream of development trend in the future.
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