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Qr code on the bottle caps with what equipment is better?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-01
Qr code on the bottle caps with what equipment is better? Cap qr code application has several: one kind is the caps on the assembly line single-row, moving marking, using photoelectric detection, a suction device is cap line configuration, using air pressure cap adsorption orientation laser marking on the assembly line. Carving production date on water bottles, laser printing machine manufacturers small make up recommend the use of laser marking machine in sculpture, ultraviolet laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine two, effect is good, fast, suitable for assembly line. Ultraviolet laser marking machine 3 W: carving speed, finished a production date in 0. 1 seconds; Stable performance, suitable for assembly line marking for a long time, light is exquisite, effect is good, fit on the bottle label, color is black, no pollution, no consumables, loved by many users 30 w CO2 laser marking machine: the United States imported laser, performance is very stable, no consumables, no pollution, laser types for gas, inflatable, suitable for marking on the assembly line of mineral water bottle, very fast, flight, marking on the surface of the bottle color is white, is clearly visible, many manufacturers choose to CO2, cheap, big workload
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