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Quickly deal with common problems and faults of laser printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-04

After the rapid sales growth of laser cij printers for more than 5 consecutive years, a large number of factories have begun to use laser cij printers For product identification, through the laser cij printer, we can obtain a higher definition, better anti-counterfeiting effect, and can improve the product identification grade.

With the increase in the number of possessions, although the laser printing machine has natural stability advantages and convenience of use, it will inevitably encounter various small problems and problems. Troubleshooting, how to deal with it quickly and reduce the impact of equipment shutdown has become the most concerned issue for operators and users. Today, I will share with you some common problems and troubleshooting methods of laser inkjet printers.

1. The printing effect of the laser printing machine is not clear.

We first understand the main structural components of the laser printing machine, including laser tube, polarizer system, power controller, and software operating system. As the use time increases, the laser tube will attenuate with the increase in the amount of light emitted, and will also encounter the problems we mentioned above, the printing effect is not clear, and the feeling is very light.

How to deal with it? First, if it is a CO2 carbon dioxide laser machine, according to the use time, the manufacturer will generally recommend a laser tube inflation plan such as 2 or 3 years. If the use time is very short and the marking is not clear within 1 year, then you can Increasing the power, or reducing the scribing speed, increasing the power of the laser tube is a common treatment method.

2. The marking effect is uneven, there are deep and shallow.

This situation is also relatively common. We said above that the working principle of the laser machine is to emit laser light through a laser tube, deflect it through a polarizer system, and burn on the surface of the product. , physical and chemical reactions occur to form characters.

There are deep and shallow, here we need to pay attention to the focus point, that is, the adjustment of focal length, K series, F series laser machines have red light positioning focus adjustment Function, you can click, two red lights appear, when the red lights are gathered together, it is the time when the focal length is the best, and then a clearer printing effect can be achieved on the surface of the product.

3. The operation interface cannot be entered after booting.

In China, imported and domestic machines are common, and the systems used are different. Some are common software systems on the market, such as Beijing's Golden Orange, which is based on Developed on the WINDOWS platform, the performance requirements of the computer are relatively high. If the computer configuration is low, it is easy to appear stuck or crash.

The whole series of laser machines adopts the self-developed WINDOWS CE operation control system, which belongs to the single-chip control. It can be turned on or powered off at any time, and it will not have a negative impact on the internal settings of the machine. Stronger in anti-virus ability, there is almost no possibility of poisoning.

If you can't enter the operation interface after booting up, it is recommended to disinfect the computer first. If it still doesn't work, you can contact the laser machine supplier to reset the software remotely Or brush processing.

4. Other faults and problems.

The other faults and problems mentioned here are more extensive. Including some relatively rare fault problems, such as laser machine no light, garbled code, system failure, low memory, no response to boot, power box failure, static marking cannot be set, variable QR code cannot be printed, communication cannot be connected, etc. .

It is classified into other faults and problems, mainly considering these problems. If the general operator has not been systematically trained, it is difficult to judge the cause of the fault and deal with it, and must find Manufacturer technical support.

Compared with traditional inkjet printers, the failure rate of laser printers is very low, especially for manufacturers with excellent hardware configuration and years of service experience, Well-known brand products are still highly recommended for everyone to buy.

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