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Reasons and solutions for high-resolution inkjet printers not inkjet

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-04

With the expansion of product anti-counterfeiting and traceability requirements, high-resolution inkjet printers have become common supporting equipment in enterprise production lines. The failure of the ink will affect the entire production plan and capacity. So, what is the reason why the printer does not ink? How to deal with it.

Take the piezoelectric high-resolution UV inkjet printer as an example. The reason why the device does not produce ink is as follows:

1. The nozzle is severely clogged, and the ink mixed with dust and other debris from the environment will enter the nozzle and cause the nozzle to be blocked, or because the equipment has been shut down for a long time and the nozzle panel has direct light, the ink solidified and clogged.

Processing method: You can try to use ultrasonic vibration or cleaning agent immersion to clean the nozzle; in addition, the protective cover must be used when the machine is not working, and the nozzle must be covered to prevent ultraviolet radiation nozzle.

2. The voltage of the print head is low, and the voltage level can determine the bending degree of the piezoelectric ceramic inside the print head, so high voltage can increase the inkjet volume, otherwise the voltage may be too low No ink.

Processing method: Properly adjust and increase the voltage, and observe whether the ink is discharged.

3. The ink tube of the ink-jet printer is broken, air has entered the ink tube, or the ink contains a lot of air bubbles, which causes the ink to break.

Treatment method: the ink tube rupture requires a professional engineer to replace the ink tube or replace the entire ink supply system. If the ink is broken due to ink bubbles, clean the machine pipeline with a cleaning agent. Then use the original qualified ink to squeeze the ink.

4. The print head is damaged or the print head circuit board is burned out, resulting in the print head not working normally and not inkjet.

Treatment method: replace the nozzle or circuit board, do not use any sharp or hard objects to wipe the nozzle, do not use non-original cleaning fluid to wipe the nozzle or clean the machine pipeline, otherwise it may Damage to the nozzle. If you need to wipe the nozzle, please use the original dust-free cloth.

The reason why the high-resolution UV cij printer does not produce ink is mainly due to improper operation or maintenance. Remind to use the original ink, cleaning agent and other consumables, and do a good job Daily maintenance work, especially nozzle maintenance.

>>>>Attachment: Precautions and suggestions for the daily use of UV cij printers

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