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Reasons and solutions for ink blockage of small character inkjet printer nozzles

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-05

The diversification of brands and the increase in competitiveness make more brands also face competition in the market. This is not only about products, but more about the preemption of the brand market. , Marketing skills are imported into the product system, so that the product blooms in another form and is presented to consumers. Small character Leadtech Coding can make more products stop the promotion and upgrade of the brand. The original barcode-based market will be upgraded. At the same time of upgrading, the products will no longer be the way of interpretation in the past, and more will be given to consumers. Consumers will have a new understanding of the product. After scanning the code, consumers will see where the product is consumed, the ingredients and safety of the product. The product will no longer be a product, but will interpret a waste brand.

The most critical part of the small character inkjet printer is the nozzle, and the nozzle is the most prone to problems. Small-print printer inks are generally quick-drying, and some are pigment-based, and the pigment is easy to precipitate, so the nozzle is relatively easy to block. In many cases, due to the improper use of inkjet printer users, the nozzle of the inkjet printer will be blocked. Today we will teach you the maintenance method after the nozzle of the small character inkjet printer is blocked: There are two conditions for nozzle blockage: one is that there are ink lines, but ink lines The position is very biased, and it may be in a different position each time; we can first try to operate directly on the machine, through the method of exhausting, flushing, and repeatedly opening and closing the nozzle in succession to flush the nozzle. This approach works well in most situations, saving you the trouble of removing and cleaning the nozzle. If not, just remove and wash the nozzle. Second, there is basically no ink line, and in this case, the nozzle can only be removed and washed.

The detailed cleaning method is as follows: First, prepare about half a bottle of cleaning solution. Put the nozzle of the small character cij printer into the cleaning liquid bottle, cover the lid and shake it vigorously. Normally it's done in 5-6 minutes. If there is no victory. You can see if there are any small things stuck on both sides of the nozzle. You can use a fine needle to quietly pick up the foreign objects attached to the nozzle, and then shake the bottle. This basically gets it done. If it is still not good, it can be soaked in a dilute concentration of acid (preferably dilute hydrochloric acid) for about 3 minutes, which can generally be handled.

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