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Reasons and solutions for missing code content of small character inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-19

Small character cij printers are the most widely used cij printers among all inkjet printers. Small character inkjet printers are easy to use, easy to maintain and very popular. However, some minor problems will inevitably arise. As long as you observe and check, it is easy to solve the problem.

Below, the related personnel of Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. collected several small character cij printer's inkjet code character defects.

1. The ink line position is incorrect. After the printer has been used for a period of time, the position of the ink line may slightly change, resulting in missing or missing characters during the printing process.

2, the ink is not normal

(1) Whether the ink viscosity BFT is suitable.

(2) Whether the ink is within the warranty period.

(3) It is very important that the consumables are compatible with the printer.

3. The ink dot split is abnormal, and the ink dot does not split well

(1) The nozzle is slightly clogged, and the nozzle function can be turned on. At the same time, the nozzle is cleaned by special cleaning by the cij printer.

(2) The viscosity of the ink is abnormal. You can observe whether the ink viscosity displayed by the machine equipment is normal.

(3) The ink pressure is abnormal.

(4) The spray chamber is broken, but the chance of this is very small.

4. The printer is not effectively grounded. There are two types of grounding, protective grounding and anti-interference grounding. The printer uses anti-interference grounding. If protective grounding is used, it will only cause greater instability.

The grounding of the cij printer is very important, especially for small character inkjet printers. Because the deflection of the printer also depends on the action of the electrostatic magnetic field. Poor grounding can easily lead to unstable printing.

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