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Recommend a economical - type printing machine Wei jie 43 s small characters spurt the code machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-19
Recommend a economical - type laser marking machine Wei according to jie 43 s small characters jet. the source: this website the author: admin date: 2019 - 5 - Browse 17 0

as the spurt the code machine is finding wider and wider application in various industries, so everyone in choosing a spurt the code machine is also very entanglements, exactly how to choose a suitable and economical a machine? The next tong yi small make up recommend a economical for everyone - type laser marking machine Wei jie 43 s small characters spurt the code machine. can be used in cosmetics, food, medicine, electronics, building materials and other products packaging production date, shelf-life, batch number and other information on the spray print. Can be directly on the spurt the code machine edit user identity information online.

product features: 1. Membrane keyboard humanized interface, man-machine engineering, simple and reliable. What you see is what you get, the drop-down menus at noon, the operation is simple. In view of the small and medium-sized enterprise special a economical high-performance spurt the cij printer. 2. Draw out the ink system, improve the maintenance convenience, completely solve nozzle clogging situation of has been in the industry. Original design emptying ink system, changing ink cleaning is convenient and easy. 3. Artificial gem, the plane can be completely solution nozzle design, thoroughly solve the industry has been the problem of nozzle clogging of the lower use cost of users. Nozzle internal important part adopts teflon treatment, reduce the failure rate, can adapt to all kinds of bad production environment. 4. Dedicated software control can ensure the machine run stably for a long time. The unique 24 lattice design is suitable for the customer requirements for various identification in different industries.

buying spurt the code machine machine is the first to arrange proofing to see whether this machine can achieve their desired effect, moreover is watching the stability of the machine; After it is considered the company's after-sales technical ability. Comprehensive the above conditions can choose a good printing factory house and an appropriate economic spurt the cij printer.

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