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Reel label UV inkjet printer in a variety of label printing solutions

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-13
Nowadays, the demand for printing variable content is gradually increasing. In recent years, the printing of variable data barcodes and variable data two-dimensional codes has swept across all walks of life. It can be used on anti-counterfeiting labels, self-adhesive labels or electronic labels. It can be seen that today's UV cij printers have become an important demand for small and medium-sized enterprises and manufacturers. According to the needs of many manufacturers, the cij printer has developed a UV inkjet printer for printing data on the label, which can perform variable data digital ink coding on the product label, giving the product a unique identity certificate, and ensuring its product Authenticity. Roll label is a label made into a roll shape, in the form of a paper sticker on the surface to identify corporate information, LOGO, trademark, variable two-dimensional code, variable bar code and other information. However, due to the large number of label classifications in the market, such as anti-counterfeiting labels, self-adhesive labels, electronic labels and other printing solutions will also be different, so how to solve the printing methods on different labels? manufacturers have a full range of inkjet solutions for you to solve all kinds of inkjet needs on the label, save costs for major small and medium-sized enterprises, and improve production efficiency. label UV inkjet printer features: 1. Centralized coding efficiency, high-speed and stable coding, clear coding, environmentally friendly ink cold light curing. 2. Online collection: high speed (speed up to 150 m/min), accurate associated data after coding. 3. The data is verified in real time, and the product does not re-code, ensuring the product qualification rate. 4. Production line: high efficiency, full automation, low labor cost and easy operation. 5. Easy to install: it can be connected to the line and can be installed on the existing equipment of the factory for online production; 6. Multi-format printing: a variety of format bar codes include commonly used one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar codes, and variable text can be printed. Change the QR code data, etc. Reel label UV inkjet printer can be used for online and offline coding processing, offline customized non-standard platform, online installation production line for simultaneous use, inkjet printer can be installed in optical laminating equipment, slitting / paging machine, quality inspection machine , Flexographic laser marking machine, bag making machine, trademark machine, etc. The machine uses imported UV ink, which has the functions of scratch resistance, alcohol resistance and strong adhesion. For businesses and businesses, the printing of variable information content can make products get good marketing promotion. As a digital printing device, the roll label UV inkjet printer can automatically generate variable content inkjet printing, which just meets the current market's requirements for variable information printing. At the same time, it is also a type of coding equipment that many companies will choose. u200bThe above is the content shared today. I feel that the editor of the cij printer manufacturer has shared it well. You can follow the official website of the inkjet printer:, if you need to know about the inkjet printer equipment, please call us: 020-87227827.
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