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Reference suggestions when buying large-character inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-17

In recent years, large-character cij printers have been favored by many companies and enterprises due to their wide applicability, good quality and good performance. However, how to choose a large-character cij printer suitable for your company is a headache. The problem is that some people who buy expensive products cannot use them, and some people have to buy machines that are not suitable for their company.

For this reason, the inkjet printer manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. gave us several points of reference: 1. Try not to have a pure English interface, and it should be easy and convenient to operate and maintain. The current operation of large-character inkjet printers is basically very simple, but some inkjet printers currently do not have a Chinese interface, which will be a very troublesome problem for operators. 2. The effect of the printer should be clear. If you want to print clear fonts, barcodes, etc., you need to choose a high-resolution printer. 3. It is very important to connect with existing production lines. If the machine can meet your requirements in terms of quality, stability, adhesion, etc., but it cannot match the existing production line, the production line needs to be modified after purchase. This will be very troublesome. 4. The adhesion of ink. Some inkjet printers use water-based inks, which are only suitable for printing permeable materials. They are not suitable for printing impermeable materials. For example, they are suitable for printing on paper and wood, and not suitable for printing on plastics and metals. After selecting the machine, you can ask if there are other extended functions, such as whether you can print barcodes and whether you can print on other materials.

5. After-sales service must be good. To understand the manufacturer's service system, a complete service network and service system are necessary to ensure the normal use of the machine.

6. When using, the cost should be low, that is, the cost of consumables should be economical and reasonable. If the production volume is large, please choose a printer that can save consumables. Some cij printers are cheaper, but the cost of consumables is very expensive. This kind of machine is only suitable for companies with small production volume and limited capital.

7. The quality and performance of the machine should be stable and guaranteed. In other words, the failure rate is low, and the failure rate of the product is understood through multiple channels. Some customers buy products with unstable performance due to lack of funds, which will affect production and cause trouble. After all, this is a machine worth tens of thousands of dollars, so be careful before buying.

Careful selection of inkjet printers, preferential prices, high-performance printers, and excellent machine quality are related to the interests of the entire company. Factory Technology Co., Ltd. hopes that the above suggestions will help you purchase a large character inkjet printer with high quality and cost-effectiveness.

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