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Requirements for dry running test before delivery of fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-25

In order to ensure the normal operation of each issued fiber laser marking machine, the manufacturer usually conducts a dry running test on the fiber laser marking machine before delivery. Then, what are the specific contents of the dry running test of the fiber laser marking machine? ?

1. The laser power supply and host power supply of each fiber laser marking machine should work reliably.

2. Each movement mechanism should be correct, coordinated, stable, flexible and reliable. The limit device should be sensitive and reliable. Each adjustment, clamping and locking mechanism should have reliable functions and flexible movements.

3. The fiber laser generator and optical path reflection mechanism work reliably.

4. The manual adjustment mechanism is flexible and reliable.

5. There should be no air leakage in the air cooling and gas circuit system of the fiber laser marking machine, the movement of the components should be flexible and reliable, and the connectors should not have looseness and abnormal noise .

6. All fasteners and pipeline connections should not be loose.

7. The worktable lifting mechanism of the fiber laser marking machine is flexible and reliable, and the position adjustment is accurate.

8. The temperature rise of the rolling bearing and the working surface of the guide rail should not exceed 40℃ when the running surface reaches a stable temperature, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 70℃.

9. Each fiber laser marking machine needs to carry out an idling test, of which the test of a single operation should not be less than 10 working cycles, and the continuous idling test time should not be less than 10. Should be less than 1 hour.

10. Immediately after the continuous idling test, use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the bearing and the working surface of the guide rail.

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