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Resolution to spurt the code machine in outsourcing to spurt the code information on carton

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-17
Resolution to spurt the code machine in outsourcing on the box to spurt the code information sources: this website the author: admin1 date: 2018 - 8 - 28 browsing: 0

although now growing the development of the laser marking machine, but the range of spurt the cij printer popularization still very widely, took on the outsourcing of the most common cases in terms of information. Foreign packaging products in the past we always hard to detailed classification, every time sorting products need to spend a lot of labor, is still short of the desired effect, not only a waste of time but also waste of manpower and cost, in fact, outsourcing box product use scope is broad, all the more so businessmen in order to let the situation get relief, began to make use of information on the outer packing to spurt the code machine printing.

but the kinds of equipments of so many, not every kind of machine is suitable for use on the outsourcing case, so if you want to use cij printer on outsourcing box identification information code, you need to choose a suitable machine. For now to spurt the code machine, we have to offer there are several can be used on outsourcing box, such as: small character spurt the code machine, big characters spurt the code machine and high resolution spurt the cij printer can be used on outsourcing box, but the specific or according to the manufacturer's own needs and select.

what type of spurt the code machine is whether can solve the problem of merchants for the identification of the information of the packaging, can use in most of the need to adopt outsourcing case packing industry, using spray laser marking machine has good seal effect, on the whole the sense that gives a person more beautiful and tidy, for manufacturers to improve the staff's working efficiency, let it can better classify products, statistics. At the same time, it can improve overall aesthetic outsourcing box, and enterprise management of the production system, etc.

all in all, for the packing industry manufacturers can use to spurt the code machine part identification information spray printing effect, but need to remind of the dealer is buying spurt the code machine also must buy the corresponding material equipment, both between each other, no consumables spurt the code machine is not able to realize the spray printing effect.

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