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S800 inkjet printer is not frequently used maintenance operations

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-31
Because some friends may require coding due to the needs of customers, and some customers do not need coding, the printer may only be used once or twice in two or three weeks. But in these two or three weeks, how to maintain the printer so that the printer needs to print without any problems? The following editor will briefly describe the maintenance operations of the printer that is not frequently used. 1. Keep the print head clean. Clean the print head every time after the printer is turned off. Do not leave any ink. Ink is easy to dry and solidify. If the ink is not used for a period of time, it will block the nozzle and the recovery hole, causing the ink line to be skewed, and the ink cannot be recovered. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the print head every time the code is shut down. 2. The inkjet printer should be placed in a cool place. Ink solidification is the main problem of long-term shutdown, and placing the cij printer in a sunny or hot place will speed up the ink solidification time. 3. The inkjet printer needs to supply ink once every two or three days. During the period when the cij printer does not need to be used, the cij printer needs to run once every two or three days. Two hours each time. The main reason for this is to circulate the ink in the ink channel so that it is not easy to solidify. For more information about cij printers, cij printers, and imported cij printers, please visit our official website:
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