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Safety and protection measures for laser equipment

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-21

   Nowadays, in the field of fine processing, laser equipment is used, such as laser production, which has higher processing efficiency and saves labor costs. However, laser equipment needs people to operate, but lasers are very dangerous, so manufacturers need to be in place for the safety and protection of lasers, so Foshan Laser shares the measures in detail.

  1. Take corresponding measures: (1) Class A lasers emit lasers without causing any biological hazards, and no control measures need to be taken; (2) Class B lasers are in the low power range, within 0.4? 0.7 wavelength? Meter power is less than 1MW and long gaze time may cause damage to the retina. Therefore, it is necessary to take protective measures and use warning signs; (3) Laser power within the class C range; Exposure time is determined by, therefore, control measures are essential for short-term biological damage. This kind of diffusely reflected laser beam is harmless; (4) Class D laser is a high-power range that can produce laser beams. The short-term direct or diffuse exposure of reflected laser beams and humans will use biological losses. Take strict control measures.

  2, earnestly implement a safe work system: (1) Laser surgery places, such as laboratories, treatment rooms should have a high degree of illumination to reduce the number of pupils and reduce the amount of laser In sight. Use white or light-colored rubble walls indoors to reduce the mirror reflection surface. In the laser room or passage where the laser beam is easy to reach the 'laser danger' sign. The direct gaze of the staff’s door, pay attention to the employees (2) Laser operation rules: laser safety education and training; B, wear protective glasses, and pay attention to the selection of various specifications; C, use the laser after the light path is terminated, and the laser is turned on strictly Hydropower operation regulations are complied with; D, whether the power or energy density of the contact laser staff exceeds the tolerance threshold of the main beam, and regular physical examinations; (3) All relevant units must implement laser safety protection measures and set up a safety monitoring system; ( 4) If the laser production and business unit of Class B lasers must indicate the warning sign 'not directly in the laser beam' in a conspicuous position, they must pay. For Class C and D lasers must be packaged with a closed lid in a prominent position, the entire laser is installed with a safety lock, a key lock switch, and the panel pays attention to the warning signs before the laser expiration warning signal is triggered. The physical parameters such as wavelength range, maximum output energy and power, pulse width, pulse repetition rate, beam divergence angle, etc. are also available.


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