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Safety and tracking coding in the food safety chain

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-22
The American Food and Beverage and Consumer Goods Manufacturers Association claims that recall issues can have a significant financial impact: 52% of recalls cost more than $10,000,000, and 23% of recalls cost more than $30,000,000. -Food safety magazines quickly identify and correct food recalls to minimize major financial and public safety impacts. But without proper systems, such impacts could damage your company’s reputation, financial status, and customer health. Product identification in the form of date codes, sub-batch codes and batch codes is a key step in the supply chain, which is a necessary step for tracking and recalling defective products. Therefore, the choice of marking and coding equipment is particularly important. Inkjet VS laser, which coding method is suitable for your product? What is continuous inkjet coding? Continuous inkjet (CIJ): is a form of non-contact printing. With charged ink drops, CIJ printers can use a variety of inks to mark alphanumerics and barcodes on almost all surfaces (porous or non-porous, flat or curved). CIJ has a wide range of functions and is definitely the best choice for companies that use high-speed production lines to produce a variety of different packaging types. Applicable substrates: plastic bags, glass, metal cans, inflation, packaging and shrink wrapping. Advantages: creating high-contrast visual markings with various color inks. What is laser coding? Laser: Another form of non-contact printing, laser coding can create permanent marks, which can be used as the best option for anti-counterfeiting. Laser coding does not require the use of ink or droplets, which is more environmentally friendly. Although the initial investment cost of a laser printer is higher than the purchase cost of a continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer, there is no need to pay for the ink solvent cost in the future. Applicable substrate: glass, plastic, paper, rubber, etc. Advantages: permanent marks can be generated on the substrate 1. Laser machine to code on beer bottles 2. Inkjet printer to code on frozen cake packaging at -35°C 3. coding on edible oil bottles 4. Inkjet printer coding on Quanjude Packaging For more information, please visit Leadtech official website: or call:
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