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Safety Instructions for the Use of Inkjet Printer Consumables

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-07

Every process in the production process of inkjet printer consumables has strict process and quality control, and products are formed through raw material inspection, purification, batching, grinding, reaction, stabilization, tertiary filtration, filling, and inspection. The thinner is specially developed according to the characteristics of the ink. During the operation of the printer, it continuously replenishes the substances lost by the ink and repairs the structural damage to the ink caused by the circulation.

The nozzle of the inkjet printer is very small (40-70 microns in diameter), and the characters to be printed are required to dry quickly and have high adhesion, so the requirements for ink thinners are extremely high. The ink is generally composed of resin, solvent, pigment and other materials, and the diluent is composed of solvent, active agent, stabilizer and other materials.

Introduction to several common types of inkjet printer consumables:

1. Small character inkjet printer consumables:

Ink, solvent, cleaning agent. It consists of three parts.

2. High-resolution inkjet printer consumables:

Special ink, cleaning agent. It consists of two parts.

3. Consumables for laser printing machine:

CO2 gas/semiconductor module. part of the composition.

4. Consumables for mini intelligent inkjet printer:

Ink, cleaning agent. It consists of two parts.

5. Consumables for large character inkjet printer:

Ink, solvent, cleaning agent. It consists of three parts.

Safety instructions for the use of cij printer consumables, when purchasing and using the matching original consumables provided by different brands of inkjet printers (ink , thinner), as a user, you must pay attention to its specific model and record it to prevent misuse or mis-adding of other consumables with different properties.

This will cause the machine to be abnormal or even damaged. Today, follow the inkjet marking company to find out what important details should be paid attention to when using cij printer consumables. , there is a new in-depth cognitive understanding.

The use of inferior consumables will lead to frequent clogging of nozzles, poor charging of ink droplets, poor printing effect, blockage of ink filters and ink paths, corrosion of machine parts and other damage to the printer. There are strict requirements on the performance indicators of consumables in the design process of the inkjet printer. Such as viscosity, particle size, conductivity, drying time, adhesion, corrosion, PH value, etc. should be within a certain range. Consumables of different manufacturers and models are generally not universal.

In 2019, many new technical requirements have been introduced. The inkjet printer consumables must pass the MSDS report, GSG report and important hazardous chemical business license before they can be sold. These points make us pay more attention to the user's use effect. and safety.

consumables, as a necessary consumable for daily use, are very important for cij printers. The first thing to emphasize in the inkjet identification is that different types of cij printers need to use the inks and solvents of their corresponding types of inkjet printers.

Otherwise, there will be incompatibility, or unstable operation and different degrees of nozzles. The inkjet printer consumables mentioned in daily life mainly refer to the materials that the inkjet printer needs to lose in daily use, including ink, solvent (also called additive or thinner), cleaning agent, solenoid valve, filter, etc.

There are many kinds of inkjet printer consumables. Different brands and types of inkjet printers may use different types of inks and solvents. This is due to the different structures of each machine (ink circuit structure, It is determined by the structure of the nozzle, the diameter of the nozzle, etc.).

Or according to the printing requirements of the products produced (such as anti-migration, high temperature resistance, alcohol resistance, quick-drying, etc.), then the inkjet logo is here to tell users about the safety aspects of the use of inkjet printer consumables knowledge, and pay attention together to achieve the purpose of common improvement.

Whether the ink, solvent and cleaning agent in the inkjet printer consumables belong to ketone-based, alcohol-based or other special ingredients, they all have a common feature, they are volatile, have a pungent odor, and have certain characteristics. Toxic and corrosive, especially ketone-based solvents, we use the cij printer during operation.

In the process of adding solvent or cleaning the nozzle, you should try to avoid inhaling such volatile gases. If possible, you can wear a mask and wear corrosion-resistant gloves to avoid direct contact of the solvent or ink with your skin. or into the eyes. In case of accidental contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Safely choose the correct model of inkjet printer consumables:

When using inkjet printer consumables, if there are multiple machines of different models in the production line factory, we must pay attention to ink, Whether the type of solvent is the original consumables that match the requirements of the machine, so that the printer can be protected to the greatest extent.

Extending the service life of the inkjet printer and improving the stability of the inkjet printer can effectively increase the use time of the inkjet printer consumables, reduce common faults that are prone to occur during use, ensure production, and effectively improve efficiency.

Different brands of inkjet printers have been used for a certain period of time, and the pump will run for a specified period of time, and will prompt maintenance in time. Keep the interior clean and the printer can serve us better.

A temporary delay may lead to excessive deposition of impurities in the pipeline, which will affect normal use or reduce the expected service life of the printer. Therefore, the maintenance of the printer is very important, not only to protect the gear pump , It also improves the clarity and effect of the printing logo, which should be carried out in time.

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