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Safety matters needing attention in the operation of fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-28

The laser wavelength of the fiber laser marking machine is 1064nm. In the process of using the fiber laser marking machine, we need to pay attention to protection and safety, because the 1064nm laser has certain damage to the human skin. When the user buys a laser marking machine, our technical engineers will conduct 3-5 days of professional training for the marking machine operator until the operator learns to avoid the damage caused by improper operation of the fiber laser marking machine in the later stage. personal injury. Today, the technical engineer summarizes some precautions in the operation of the fiber laser marking machine.

First: The operator must be trained to master the basic performance of the equipment.

Second: Strictly follow the start-up procedure of the laser equipment for safe operation, and wear anti-radiation glasses when laser work is performed.

Third: During the work of the fiber laser marking machine, the operator cannot leave the post. If necessary, the power supply should be cut off in time to cut off all potential dangers.

Fourth: If any abnormal situation is found in the process of processing, it should be reported in time, and the surrounding of the laser equipment should be kept clean.

Fifth: We need to carry out regular maintenance on the laser equipment, generally once a week for inspection and maintenance, once every six months for major maintenance, and always abide by the safety rules.

Sixth: Check whether there is any abnormal situation after starting the machine, and it should be checked carefully.

Seventh: When the laser equipment is working, we should pay attention to observe the operation of the machine and avoid the machine from going out of the effective stroke.

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