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Safety tips for the use of printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-30
1. Safety Guidance 1. The ink and solvent used by the cij printer are flammable and explosive materials. 2. A halide fire extinguisher (carbon dioxide fire extinguisher can also be used) should be placed near the printer (up to 10m away). 3. Keep the used ink bottles and solvent bottles away from the printer. 4. Do not smoke near the printer, it is best to hang a 'no smoking' sign. 5. The dry ink is flammable and the printer must be clean. 6. The ink and solvent must be well sealed and placed in a well-ventilated place. 7. The printer uses a single-phase power supply and must provide a standard 3-pin socket with a ground wire. 8. When plugging or unplugging the connecting cords and plugs in the machine, disconnect the main power supply of the machine. 2. Installation environment 1. The installation environment should be clean with good air circulation. 2. There should be no high-power electronic equipment around the selected point to prevent electromagnetic interference. 3. The temperature is preferably 10-40°C. 4. The best temperature is non-condensing. 5. It is best if the dust and inhalable particles in the air are less than 15%. 6. The voltage is AC200V-240V, 50Hz. The power socket must have a ground wire. If not, the host must be connected to the ground wire. The distribution voltage is preferably 220V (220V AC voltage stabilizer can be installed)
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