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Say me how universal uv flat-panel printers quality is good -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-16
In college I studied advertising media professional, after graduation to enter an advertising production company internship, for three years, during which I know and learn how to use the uv flat-panel printers, then three years later with the idea of starting their own business, he took his girlfriend opened a small advertising shop in to buy some of the equipment, which bought a uv flat-panel printers, model is byc - 6060201 five years it has been three years, the machine structure is stable, because I'm using is love, because the business is not easy, it is very important to save money, use all sorts of equipment I am more careful maintenance and maintenance, flat-panel printers is indeed worthy of trust, in addition to some consumable accessories such as refill tube, ink sac needs regular replacement, nozzle used for a long time to change regularly, other basically normal, rarely appears problem, after-sales is responsible for, any problems can contact distance to teach me how to solve immediately, very convenient, that they cannot solve the they send people come and help me to solve, this is very good, I don't buy the other equipment or help me solve the problem, some even promised guaranteed for two years, three years after the purchase will deny one full turn, let me a headache!
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