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Select thermal transfer code machine need to pay attention to what aspects _ - of thermal transfer printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-16
Printing as one of the four great inventions in ancient China, and create conditions for knowledge spread and exchange, and as of today, for a variety of new science and technology has gradually upgrade development exist, such as thermal transfer printer, although it is closely combined with the printing press is different, the internal core has been for the computer intelligent control, print the content of the code is also more diversified, and manufacturers and enterprises in selecting thermal transfer code machine need to pay attention to what aspects? One, pay attention to the size of the model thermal transfer printer is usually necessary equipment for packaging processing plant production, compared to the printers, thermal transfer printer is more suitable for thin, smooth surface of the material for printing code, which is used in our daily life all kinds of plastic packaging products. So because of a lot of products of different size, customers in selecting thermal transfer cij printer and pay attention to the size of the product model, avoid too small can't use, also should avoid too much waste equipment. Second, pay attention to the precision of printing printing when we buy all sorts of goods if look at the packaging design and information, it's not hard to find the difference is larger, some product outer packing color is gorgeous, clear font regardless of the size of the complete, product packaging that fuzzy bleak, different font. The causes of such differences is thermal transfer laser laser marking machine printing precision, therefore most people prefer the service quality in choosing a good thermal transfer printer. Third, pay attention to the product after-sales service acclaimed thermal transfer printer is usually buy some factories, in order to production and sales of various products to provide enough packaging, working time and print the number is more, so failure is more likely to happen, and as a professional precision equipment, is the need for manufacturers to ensure maintenance personnel to check the maintenance, so in choosing thermal transfer cij printer prior to settled after-sales service guarantee. To purchase thermal transfer laser laser marking machine is different from daily goods, should be more to understand product information, the size of the model is working standards, and print the printing quality, precision largely reflects the grade of the product, positioning, after-sales service guarantee of thermal transfer printer is the use fixed number of year of a promise, imagine how much higher failure rate of equipment might delay the production of the products.
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