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Selection methods and suggestions for purchasing ink jet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-06

generally refer to inkjet printers that use inkjet technology. According to the principle, they can be divided into: Continuous and On-demand inkjet technology (Drop On Demand). Small character inkjet printers are the most common continuous inkjet printers. On-demand cij printers are generally divided into three types, piezoelectric inkjet printers (high resolution inkjet printers), solenoid valve inkjet printers Machine (large character inkjet printer), thermal foaming inkjet machine.

When selecting inkjet printers, first consider the actual requirements of product printing, such as font size, printing speed, printing resolution and other factors. The type method is recommended as follows:

①There is no high requirement for font size, printing speed, resolution, etc., it is recommended to choose an economical inkjet printer; if there are special requirements, it is recommended Purchase a high-resolution automatic inkjet printer.

②Only print the production date and product number, use a general inkjet printer; if you need to print two-dimensional codes, barcodes, pictures, and forms, it is recommended to select the resolution High UV inkjet printer.

③The thermal foam printer is often used for carton printing, but its nozzle life is short, the ink is expensive, and the cost is high. It is only suitable for small-volume coding applications.

④ If the cij printers on the market cannot meet the needs of the application scenario, it is recommended to choose a customized inkjet printer with non-standard functions.

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