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Selection of filling method for parameter adjustment of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-19

Explanation on the selection of filling method for laser marking machine parameter adjustment:

Filling type: 1. Unidirectional filling: The filling line is always filled from left to right. 2. Bidirectional filling: Filling lines are first filled from left to right, and then filled from right to left. The rest of the loop is filled. 3. Circular filling: The filling line is the circular offset filling of the object outline from the outside to the inside. Reverse: The default processing method is from the outside to the inside. After enabling, the processing direction will be processed from the inside to the outside. 4. Bow fill: similar to two-way fill, but the end of the fill line will be connected into a line. 5. Optimized bow fill: Similar to bow fill, but skips the fill in the blank part of the object.

Filling angle: refers to the angle between the hatching line and the X-axis, as shown in Figure 3-6, when the hatching line is 45°, the graph is filled.

Fill line spacing: refers to the distance between the lines adjacent to the fill line.

Padding line margin: refers to the distance between the padding line and the outline in all padding calculations.

Walk around the edge once: After the filling calculation is completed, add a contour figure around the filling line.

Evenly Distribute Fill Lines: Solve the problem of uneven distribution of fill lines at the beginning and end of a filled object. Due to the size of the fill object and the setting of the fill line spacing, after filling, uneven distribution of fill lines may occur at the beginning and end of the fill object. In order to simplify the operation, the purpose of uniform distribution of all filling lines can be achieved without the need for the user to reset the line spacing, and this function is added. After selecting this option, the software will automatically fine-tune the hatch spacing on the basis of the hatch spacing set by the user, so that the hatch lines are evenly distributed.

Start offset distance: It refers to the distance between the first fill line and the border.

End offset distance: It refers to the distance between a filled line after Z and the border.

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