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Semiconductor laser marking machine move light?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-23
First of all, laser industry has developed rapidly, in fact, semiconductor laser marking machine has been eliminated by the market. But there are some users of the company and the semiconductor laser marking machine is in use. So there was a problem in semiconductor, it may be better parts have some problems. Here to analyze the semiconductor laser marking machine how to adjust the light? Semiconductor laser marking machine how to adjust the light one, replace the better performance of Q switch, Q switch pulse response of the Q drive speed has a lot to do, a good quality Q switch can increase the energy of laser effect of thousands of times, let each of the laser pulse has several focal energy, such ability can play with depth. Semiconductor laser marking machine how to adjust light two, optimize the beam quality of semiconductor laser marking machine. First of all, the method is: will the laser calibration, such as try to ensure that all the and half mirror and YAG rod end is parallel, completely parallel, that is the optimization of the laser. All followed by semiconductor laser cavity mirror, can also become a convex mirror, this is advantageous to the spot optimization. Again is to extend the total length of optical cavity, so that light quality will be better. Can be in the middle of the road with the right hole aperture, achieve the goal of optimization of beam quality. Semiconductor laser marking machine three, how to adjust the light to bring forward the linear output section of semiconductor laser, can achieve this goal by changing the output rate of the output mirror, such as into a rate of 20% or 25% of output. Semiconductor laser marking machine how to adjust the light four, increase the power of semiconductor laser, such as in the semiconductor module of 75 w. The increase of laser power can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Semiconductor laser marking machine has been eliminated, suggest to buy my company other types of laser marking machine to replace the semiconductor laser marking machine. You may maintain the cost of the semiconductor laser marking machine can buy a our fiber laser marking machine, welcome to inquire.
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