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Series high resolution inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-29
One: Parameter description 1. Two inks are integrated, one or two colors can be printed at the same time, the color configuration is selected by the customer 2. Printing accuracy: 200DPI 3. Printing speed: up to 60 meters/min 4. Printing fonts : Any font on the software, you can install your own fonts 5. Printed images: trademarks, graphics, etc., support a variety of commonly used image formats 6. Printed lines: single line-multiple lines, according to the print requirements, can be edited arbitrarily 7. Separately select the horizontal mirror image for printing, the nozzle spacing is adjustable, the printing height: 2-17 mm is adjustable, the information length: 3 meters 10, the best distance: the best distance between the nozzle and the surface of the object is within 10mm, the storage information: unlimited Quantity 12. Printing method: automatic or manual 13. Nozzle number: 1-4 14. Operation interface: large-screen color touch screen, Chinese operation interface 15. Printing barcode: Code39, EAN 13 and other commonly used one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes Code, etc. 16, serial number can be printed, database UIF-8 text, optional text rasterization 17, date and time: a variety of time and date formats are available 2: Product features: ink color black, red, blue, purple , Magenta, invisible, UV inks are optional. Use quick-drying environmentally friendly ink or oil-based ink, do not need to add a large amount of volatile solvents, very economical Input rated voltage: AC220V(+20%) 50Hz(±2%) Ambient temperature 4℃~40℃ The best ambient humidity 10%~80% Professional anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling purposes. It can be printed on the surface of various materials in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical packaging, wine, chemical, electronic, board industries, etc., which can greatly improve the uniqueness of products and improve the ability of product traceability.
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