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Seven advantages in the application field of inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-16

Since the birth of the world’s first inkjet printer in the 1960s, cij printers have occupied various markets with lightning speed, including food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol, and cables. ,

Packaging and printing companies such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics need to print numbers, bar codes, patterns or text on products or outer packaging cartons frequently or at a high speed. Practice has proved that the application of the coding machine does greatly improve the production efficiency and the clarity of the printing text, thereby improving the quality of the product and enabling the company to win a broader product market and Better economic efficiency


Before the non-contact continuous cij printer was invented, screen printers, pad printers and even more primitive mechanical roller punches were often used to complete printing. The result of this is poor text clarity, time-consuming and labor-intensive, low production efficiency, and the quality of the product is lost due to low printing quality, and more and more customers and Consumers make production companies suffer losses.

Through the efforts of scientists and many scientific and technological workers, non-contact continuous cij printers have become the first choice to change the backward status quo. Compared with the previous

compared with printing equipment and technology, the non-contact continuous inkjet printer has at least the following seven common advantages:

(1) Clear and durable writing

(2) High degree of automation

(3) Wide range of applications

(4) Quick and easy programming

(5) Adjustable character size

(6) The number of printing lines is adjustable: the number of printing lines is adjustable from 1-14, and can be matched at will.

(7) Very fast printing speed: the fastest printing speed is 1950 characters/sec or 45 meters/min.

It is precisely because the cij printer has quite high reliability, and the cost of printing on the product is very low, and it has the above significant advantages. Therefore, it has been widely used in various industries such as food, beverage, cigarette

wine, packaging, medicine, cosmetics, electronics, mechanical parts and cables.

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