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Several advantages of portable laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-25

With the continuous advancement of technology, laser marking equipment is not only used in the industrial laser equipment industry, but individuals and even individuals have a wide range of needs, such as: individual online stores, online APP Kuaishou, Douyin, Volcano Video, etc. So the pursuit of small size, easy handling, and being able to adapt to the processing location has become a hot spot for equipment needs. As a laser marking machine manufacturer who has been engaged in 17 years, Laser provides you with: laser marking machine, Yantai laser marking machine, handheld portable laser marking machine of Weifang laser marking machine.

Then the product advantages of the portable fiber laser marking machine: 1. The portable fiber laser marking machine has an integrated modular design. It is easy to carry and can work even in small workshops. 'Although the sparrow is small, the machine has all the internal organs'. It has the high speed, high quality, affordable price, low investment cost and high cost performance of fiber laser marking machine; Provides an ideal solution for industrial applications; 3. Using pulsed fiber lasers, with a pulse width of 30ns, the output peak power is as high as 25KW, and it has a high beam quality M2<1.5 close to diffraction; 4. All-fiber structure design of the laser It ensures the high reliability of the laser without any optical components for collimation adjustment; 5. Long service life, small size, no need for a huge water cooling system, just simple cold air. It can also work normally in harsh environments such as shock, vibration, high temperature or dust; 6. The processing speed is 2-3 times that of traditional laser printers, with superior beam quality, small spot, and narrow marking lines. Good for fine marking. High electro-optical conversion rate, no power coupling loss, no consumables, maintenance-free; 7. Low cost of use, power saving and energy saving, the power of the whole machine is only 500W. Compared with lamp pump and semiconductor laser marking machine, it can save 20,000-30,000 electricity bills per year.

About maintenance: The operating environment of the portable laser marking machine should be 5-80% humidity (non-condensing), 1-35 degrees temperature, less dust, no smoke and no corrosive air, and the ground Vibration-free, good land-saving environment.

Portable laser marking machine equipment is widely used in electronic components, hardware tools, electrical products, consumer goods, sensors, auto parts, 3C electronics, handicrafts, precision instruments, gift accessories, medical equipment , high and low voltage electrical appliances, bathroom industry, battery industry, IT industry and other fields. For more information, please pay attention to the home page of the laser website: http://www.

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