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Several experiences of UV laser marking machine in glass application

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-09

Laser marking on glass products refers to the use of computer control technology as the basis, laser micro-processing medium to make the glass optically vaporize during the laser work, in order to achieve the purpose of engraving patterns. So what are the characteristics of UV laser in glass processing? Through repeated testing of UV lasers on glass products, the following conclusions are drawn, hoping to help everyone better understand the application of UV lasers to glass technology.

1. The temperature is low, and there will be no coke and deformation due to high temperature during the proofing process.

2. High efficiency, short proofing time, faster than mechanical proofing, dozens or hundreds of times.

3. The laser has good directionality, stable light output, and can accurately perform micro-region processing, which is difficult to achieve with other instruments.

4. It will not have excessive wear and tear on the glassware, nor will it affect the properties of the glass.

5. Ultraviolet laser proofing will not produce a lot of pollution, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

6. Laser proofing is easy to automate and streamline operations.

7. It can be engraved inside the glass without damaging the surface material of the glass.

8. Glass cutting, the energy heats the specified part of the workpiece to a pre-defined temperature for segmentation.

9. Glass drilling, through more than 100,000 pulses per second, generates high energy to instantly vaporize the glass material

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