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Several obvious technical characteristics of large character inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-30
The large-character cij printer has many obvious characteristics after technical upgrades. In the process of product production, it reduces the failures in the inkjet work. The main technical characteristics are as follows: 1. More convenient operation: from traditional buttons The input method goes to touch screen input, and then to handwriting touch input. In order to improve the convenience of use, the input method of the inkjet printer has been continuously improved; 2. The operation is more stable: due to the high failure rate of the cij printer, the number of manual maintenance is often required. Become a big trouble in the production process. Therefore, the stability of operation is a very critical element of the printer; 3. More optimized nozzles: as the execution end of the nozzle is very critical, blockage of pipes and nozzle clogging will cause the printer to fail to operate normally, therefore, the quality of the nozzle will directly affect the quality of the printer. The printing effect and the stability of the inkjet printer operation; 4. The effect is guaranteed: the ink concentration control and viscosity control, and automatic adjustment, are not affected by factors such as environmental temperature changes and the length of the start-up time, so that the inkjet printer always remains perfect Print quality. For more information about cij printers, laser marking machines, and inkjet printer manufacturers, please visit our official website:
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