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Several reasons for the ink accumulation of the inkjet printer and the maintenance of the inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-02
In the process of using the cij printer, there are more or less minor problems. Therefore, we not only need to pay attention to related matters in the process of using, but also need to understand the cause of the failure and related solutions when the problem occurs. What should I do if ink accumulates on the printer? Why does the cij printer have ink accumulation? That's because when the printer is in daily use, because there is no cleaning or maintenance for a long time, the recovery tank in the lower part of the print head makes the clogged ink in the recovery tank unable to return to the ink circuit for recycling, and a certain amount of accumulation will be generated. Ink can also cause problems such as changes or missing of printed fonts. Therefore, you must pay attention to cleaning and maintenance when using the inkjet printer, and also pay attention to the unblocking of the recycling tank and the cleaning of the vicinity. To check the cause of the ink accumulation of the printer, we can start from the following aspects: 1. Whether the ink line and the position of the recycler are aligned, if the nozzle is hit by an external force, it will cause this failure. 2. Check the ink viscosity of the cij printer. If the viscosity of the ink is too high or too low, it may cause problems with the deflection of the ink dots, and the deflection of the ink lines is also problematic. 3. Check whether the breakpoint has been changed. If there is a problem with the breakpoint setting, it will also affect the route of the ink line.
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