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Several reasons for the instability of ink line of inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-01
Today, I will talk about several reasons for the instability of the ink line of the cij printer, and hope that it will be helpful to the majority of users! In the cij printer, if the ink line is unstable or cannot be printed during use, generally speaking, there are several reasons:  1. The nozzle is blocked. This reason is very common. The nozzle Clogging is the most frequent cause. At this time, it is necessary to clean the nozzle to solve it. If possible, it is better to clean it thoroughly. In some cases, the nozzle needs to be replaced. 2. The ink line is shot into the recovery tank, but it is not recovered. In this case, the one-way valve may be broken. We only need to replace the one-way valve. 3. The ink viscosity is not enough. This should be observed and adjusted to ensure the ink jet printing quality. 4. There is a sealing problem between the printing module and the ink module, and the pressure is abnormal. This needs to be sealed and the pressure adjusted! 5. Ink accumulates on the back cover of the print head. This requires inspection of the main filter, buffer and other parts to find and solve the problem. Basically, if the ink line of the cij printer is unstable, it is caused by the above reasons. If you have other questions about the inkjet equipment, you can talk to our engineers! hotline:
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