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Shenzhen laser printing machine before operating the content training? _ laser printing machine - shenzhen

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-26
By printing, spray can access to relevant information on products and packaging, so the printing media is a kind of passing information to consumers. To this end, many enterprises will purchase use laser to spurt the code machine, its purpose is to obtain clear accurate printing. So, before the operation quality of laser laser marking machine, the staff need training the content of what respect? 1, the working principle of spurt the code machine to correct and skillful operation a device that will understand the USES and working principle of the device, otherwise, in the case of don't use, it is easy to cause errors in operation. Therefore, the enterprise staff should accept the working principle of the laser printing machine before mount guard training, to understand how the laser printing machine for printing work. 2, spurt the code machine of various operations staff after mastering the principle of laser to spurt the cij printer should also accept knowledge training in operation, after all, the skilled operation laser printing machine is the main work of this position. , therefore, should study under the guidance of professional system of laser laser marking machine operation, including the correct way to switch machine, how to adjust various parameters, how to edit the pattern and text messages, and so on. 3, spurt the code machine daily maintenance laser printing machine in the course of everyday use also need reasonable maintenance, or it will shorten the life, also easy to spurt the code in the fault. To this end, ready to mount guard operation laser stenciling unit staff should accept equipment daily maintenance training. Know the right maintenance method, to know more about some of the common failure causes and elimination methods. Are ready to enter the code above post staff should accept the training content. To skilled performance and reliable operation of laser printing machine, staff only for laser to cij printer working principle, operation mode, etc, are very familiar with, but also to understand the normal maintenance methods, so as to avoid to spurt the cij printer malfunction.
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