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Shenzhen printing vendors would parse: hot foaming spurt the code machine and the primary difference between small characters jet. the _ spurt the code machine - shenzhen

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-17
There are a lot of users want to have a reputation of printing factory purchasing to spurt the cij printer, however the printing vendors would spurt the code machine production types varied, users in the face of a variety of different types of products to cij printer, may not know how to choose, this is mainly due to the unclear distinction between the spurt the code machine. In spurt the code machine products, hot foaming machine and small characters spurt the code machine are more common, so where is the main difference? See below printing vendors would related introduction: 1, the working principle of the different small characters spurt the code machine is printing vendors would wide sales of a type of spurt the code machine, also known as matrix spurt the code machine, the working principle of ink by pressure from gushing out of a single nozzle, and then through the crystal concussion to scan operations. And hot foaming spurt the code machine called a high-resolution spurt the code machine, its use is film resistor to ink heating into bubbles operations to achieve scanning, so the two works are quite different. 2, the application of industry production by different printing vendors would small characters spurt the code machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical packaging, daily-use cosmetics, food and beverage pipes and areas such as electronic components, main jet print content is the production date and shelf life, and the number of product, origin, etc. And hot foaming laser marking machine more use in packaging, code printing. 3, I use different types of materials prepared by printing vendors would produce little character spurt the code machine, the main material is ink, when the running of the machine needs to be recycled ink, so the concentration of the ink is changing. And spurt the code machine produces hot foaming printing machine is the main consumables ink cartridges, ink cartridge with the nozzle design is an organic whole, can use namely inkjet, concentration of water will not change all the time. Above is the foam printing vendors would introduce you to spurt the code machine and small characters spurt the code machine, the main difference between the two main difference is that its working principle, application and use of consumables. In addition, the spray printing height and impact on the environment and the situation of the maintenance, there are some differences, so a user in the face of the two different types of products to cij printer, to understand the difference in advance before they can better select gratified spurt the code machine.
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