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Shenzhen spurt the code machine maintenance measures have? _ spurt the code machine - shenzhen

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-17
Today, spurt the cij printer has become an indispensable part of in the spray print date, more and more industries have cited gratified jet. the product make it has obvious effect on a wide variety of fields. So, how should the masses of users to preventive maintenance and spurt the code machine? The following quality printing factory house is in the light of its daily maintenance measures to the brief analysis of the masses of users to do: first: ground wire ensure without leaking refill tube most spurt the code machine can avoid a problem is more sensitive to electrostatic. If you have any electrostatic spurt the cij printer in the process of using the body appear, so in order to avoid the interference of statically determinate so the equipment shall be ground processing before use. Each ink system pipe interface must ensure no leakage. In the use of spurt the code machine to fully check the cartridge ink is normal or not, to ensure that the laser marking machine nozzle for the refill tube outlet not leak ink and ink tube didn't bubble, even to a spurt the code machine is of good quality ink insufficient may occur. Second, ink before electricity and replace the filter on the nozzle should be taken before electric ink, because the ink is the main way to take away the nozzle heat, in time for the ink is a must to heat a bit faster. If found on slow to spurt the code machine ink be sure to check or replace the filter, because the stand or fall of filter will directly affect the spurt the code machine ink on time which affects efficiency of jet printing. Third, don't cut off the power at ordinary times, how to wipe if must first be broken when the operating circuit nozzle cij printer, the total power, otherwise it will cause damage to spurt the code machine. ink should pay attention to the usual maintenance, for example, in use at ordinary times to cij printer in the process of the fuselage overheating is stopped using for a period of time, the fuselage cooling until after the use, then more to wipe, keep the machine clean. The above content is about the spurt the cij printer maintenance measures, such as sensitivity to electrostatic, interoperability of nozzle and time on the replacement of filters, nozzle on the ink, should be taken before electricity and as maintenance in use at ordinary times, since you chose gratified to spurt the code machine to 'take care of it. '
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