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Shenzhen stenciling unit of choose and buy should pay attention to what?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-15
to play an important role in commodity packaging, each product should have its own unique barcode label supply consumer queries and authenticity identification, so you need to in the process of product packaging on the outer packing printing on unique code number, which requires professional laser marking machine can be realized. On the market today have various varieties and spurt the code machine manufacturers, how to choose the service from numerous myriad products perfect cij printer we need to know some important information; The appearance of the first view spurt the code machine. Quality spurt the code machine appearance should be compact smooth surface, no scratches no obvious seam marks, but due to spurt the code machine use the density of the low quality of aluminum, so you don't ooze water leakage, its surface adsorption dirt not easily, once have rain also can quickly clear the dust, the surface dirt by rain washed many times also won't appear after peeling phenomenon. Second, take a closer look at and understand the production of raw materials and spurt the cij printer chooses has some physical parameters. Printing mechanism for the physical and chemical properties directly determines the quality of raw materials spurt the code machine should have what are the characteristics, due to spurt the code machine USES the high quality super resistance to high temperature and high pressure aluminium base material, has the suitable expansion coefficient and better two-way tensile properties, temperature changes in the larger environment, the deformation of the structure will not be easily cause the change of the size is too large. So in the choose and buy spurt the code machine can view the composition of its raw material, compressive load resistance, fire resistance rating, size, gas tightness can use specific parameters such as temperature range information. In addition, to spurt the code machine manufacturers and after-sales service provided by the information in detail to understand. Select normal printing vendors would have certain scale, for the manufacture of the product quality as well as source do certain guarantee, so we can view the manufacturer company, set up time, the industrial and commercial registration number, which won the honorary title, in the important criterion for the project and so on information; Second normal big manufacturer will also provide more complete and comprehensive service system, product replacement and maintenance are more strength for the service replacement or solution. Of course, to know more about brand with public praise specific truth as to spurt the code machine. brand awareness and reputation comment is the integrated embodiment of its quality and service, good jet. the nature also can easily learn it by means of the information on the net the credit situation and brand awareness. Above all, spurt the code machine from the appearance of fine degree of choose and buy, the material raw material performance, the manufacturer, after sales and brand evaluation aspects of detailed information on the quality of workmanship, can identify the supply spurt the code machine supply high efficient professional manufacturers with the product. Choose a high quality reasonable price spurt the code machine to ensure the printing effect and the safety of the equipment use and durability.
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