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Should you buy a second-hand laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-09

Many companies have encountered bottlenecks in the development process. When the development is difficult, they choose to use second-hand laser marking machines. In fact, this machine is very unsafe, not only others have used it, And there will be various unforeseen problems, and there is no after-sales service. Let's analyze whether to buy a second-hand laser marking machine.


The first point is that the after-sales service of the second-hand marking machine is not guaranteed. After the problem occurs, the seller will not give it. You provide after-sales service, and the manufacturer will no longer provide you with after-sales service. Many manufacturers will only provide after-sales service to buyers who directly purchase their machines, so this point needs to be very careful. There are also some people who say that second-hand laser marking machines will be very easy to use after the running-in period, after all, such cases are only a few. This is something to be very careful about.

So there is still a lot of risk in buying a second-hand laser marking machine, so everyone should not buy a second-hand laser marking machine when economic conditions permit, and You should choose a regular laser marking machine manufacturer to buy. This can completely avoid the trouble encountered in the later work.

We know that the brain of the laser marking machine is the laser, but the loss of the laser also determines the performance of the whole machine. Many times, problems are found when buying second-hand laser marking opportunities. The loss of general lasers is mainly caused by the defects of the matrix material quartz glass itself and the inclusion of metal transition impurities, which affect the scattering, absorption and dispersion of light during the transmission process, which are usually divided into scattering. loss, absorption loss and dispersion loss.

The fiber laser marking machine is actually the third generation of laser marking machine equipment. The fiber laser marking machine has been favored by the majority of users with its unique performance. If there are no special requirements, it is recommended to choose a fiber laser marking machine.

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