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Simple operation method of inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-07
1. Turn on 1. Turn on the power. Press the power switch, the display shows 'computer cij printer'; 2. Ink supply. Power on and enter the password login interface, enter the password, enter the main interface, press: Start ink supply' to enter the ink supply state, at this time the main interface displays a progress bar waiting state, then observe that the nozzle should have ink jets and enter the recycling pipe. For example. A small amount of ink splashed on the charging electrode or detection electrode, clean it with a small amount of cleaning agent. 3. Wait for the ink line to stabilize for 10 minutes. 4. Printing: the case 'print on' enters the printing state, and press the 'high pressure on' button, high pressure indication When the light is on, the machine enters the normal working state. 2. Shutdown 1. Normal shutdown: If the downtime is not more than a week, or if the work is completed in a day, it is a normal shutdown. The shutdown steps are as follows: (1) Press 'High voltage off'; (2) Press: 'Quick shutdown'; (3) Clean the charging board, detection board, high voltage board, cathode board, etc. with detergent. 2. Shut down for a long time; if the shutdown time exceeds 3 hours, press 'under the ink circuit operation menu' 'Cleaning shutdown' for a long-term shutdown, and use a needle to draw about 5mI of cleaning agent into the recovery pipe to clean the recovery system. 3. Long-term shutdown: If the shutdown time exceeds half a month, the ink must be discharged (see the instructions for details), And use cleaning agent to replace ink for the machine. 3. Daily working status maintenance 1. The cij printer is working normally, and the ink pressure is 0.28MPa, otherwise the ink pressure relief valve is adjusted to meet. 2. When the ink or solvent indicator light is on, it should be timely Add ink or solvent. 3. Under normal circumstances, the ink line can accurately enter the recovery tube, if the ink line does not accurately enter the recovery tube, you can re-supply the ink or open the test. After confirming that it is invalid, you can fine-tune the position of the recovery tube or pelvic cavity. .
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