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Six common faults and solutions of imported brand inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-18

Six common faults and solutions of imported brand cij printers

As the application range of inkjet printers becomes more and more extensive, with its remarkable stability, it has brought a lot of convenience to industrial production. Now, technology will briefly popularize the six common faults of imported brand inkjet printers, and explain Some solutions are given for users' reference.

Fault 1. The nozzle is blocked. This fault is believed to be encountered by anyone who has used the cij printer. It is very common. As long as the cij printer is not turned on for a long time, or the switch is not standardized, the nozzle will be blocked. Then we must start from the root cause. Standardize the process of turning on and off the machine. If the printer is out of use for a long time, manually flush the nozzle several times, so that the problem of nozzle blockage will be greatly reduced.

Trouble 2. Incomplete or unclear printing. Don't panic when you encounter this problem. In long-term operation, such a fault will inevitably occur. So how can we solve it? Plate and nozzle, make sure the nozzle side is dry and try again, usually the situation can be solved this way.

Failure 3. No recycling or recycling is not smooth. The recycling slot of imported brand inkjet printers is usually designed more appropriately. During the process of recycling ink, there will be a whistling sound of echoing. If the echoing sound is not strong or coherent, then It is necessary to pay special attention to the possibility of incomplete recycling, which may lead to problems such as typing half a word. At this time, we need to start with the pipeline, flush and recycle the related ink path to ensure smooth ink path; if it still cannot be solved, then we need to consult Technical engineers to assist.

Fault 4. The inkjet display is incomplete. The character height and amplitude are extremely critical in the setting of the imported brand cij printer. When the inkjet is unclear or the inkjet is only half-printed, we adjust the inkjet code by adjusting the inkjet code. The amplitude of the machine can be used to control or adjust the height of the printed word, because the height of the word is also a part of the deflection voltage control.

Failure 5. The pressure is unstable. For the inkjet printer, the most important component is the pressure pump. The pressure pump is the source and core of the pressure of the inkjet printer. If the pressure pump fails, a series of The first step is to check the liquid level of the ink tank, and the second is to check the pressure line filter.

Fault 6. The static electricity is too large. We must follow the regulations for installing the machine, connect the ground wire in a standard way, and ensure that the grounding depth and conduction of the ground pile are good. At this time, we can use a test pen to assist.

Have you learned how to deal with the above six common faults of imported brand cij printers? If you have more questions about inkjet printers, please leave a message or call for consultation. The technology has 20 years of experience in the inkjet marking industry, and senior technical The after-sales team will answer you in detail.

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