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Small character inkjet printer-big effect

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-15

The small character cij printer is also known as the continuous inkjet printer or CIJ cij printer. Its working principle is that, under pressure, the ink enters the spray chamber, and the spray chamber is filled with Crystal

The vibrator, through the vibration, makes the ink ejected from the nozzle with a very small aperture (usually 60 microns) to form a fixed interval point, which is processed and phased by the CPU In summary, some of the ink dots of the electrodes are charged with different electric nuclei through charging

The nozzle falls on the surface of the moving product to form a dot

matrix, thereby forming text, numbers or graphics.

At present, the application of small character cij printers in various industries is the general trend. It is not only widely used, but also closely related to our lives, such as IC Bar code printing on the card

printing, printing of the QR code on the product packaging, printing of the production date on the food bag. It is especially popular in the following two industries:

1. Product packaging. It can be sprayed on plastic packaging or on the outer packaging of metal utensils. It is highly anti-counterfeit and will never fade. For some industries with high anti-counterfeiting requirements, the small character cij printer is the best choice. The small character inkjet code can use a variety of inks for anti-counterfeiting; for products such as food

, industries that require high product quality, small character cij printers Print bar codes for product quality traceability.

Second, wire and cable. The country has corresponding laws and regulations, which stipulate that all wire and cable products must clearly identify their specifications, manufacturers, origins and other related information, which is also a small character spray code Where the machine comes in.

Because the wire and cable industry has high requirements for printing, the small character inkjet printer adopts non-contact and ink jetting methods, which does not damage the original appearance of the cable and ensures electricity.< /p>

The surface of the wire and cable is intact, and the content of the printing is clear; at the same time, it can be printed at a high speed, and has the ability to work synchronously with the wire and cable production line; suitable for wire and cable< /p>

Various types of printing.

For companies that want to use small character cij printers, come on, we can tailor a set of perfect solutions for you based on actual needs.

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