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Small character inkjet printer high pressure failure and the solution to the failure of the recovery tank

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-13
With the development of science and technology, the automation industry is the prevailing industrial model, and cij printers are constantly being updated. Next, the editor will explain to you the failures and maintenance methods of inkjet printers. Small character cij printer recovery slot failure and repair methods Recovery slot failure principle: In the ink circuit system of the cij printer, the nozzle part includes ink supply, recovery, detection, etc., and there are usually inside the small character inkjet printer recovery slot. The sensor (detector) detects whether the ink is normally recovered by turning on or off the power. If there is ink in the recovery pipe, it will show that the recovery is normal, if not, it will alarm the recovery tank failure.  Recovery tank failure reason:   1, the ink line does not enter the recovery tank.  2. The recovery tank is not fully recovered.   3. The recovery tank is not recovered at all.  4. The internal detector of the recovery pipeline is faulty.  Recovery tank failure repair method  1. Find the system settings inside the printer, shield the recovery tank failure, and avoid the recovery tank failure causing downtime.  2. Quickly start the jet, observe the ink line condition, pay attention to whether the ink line enters the recovery tank completely, if it does not enter the recovery tank, quickly adjust the ink line into the recovery tank. 3. Observe the recycling situation and see the suction of the recycling tank after the ink line is jetted into the recycling tank. Generally, the recycling can be judged by whether the recycling sound is clear and consistent. If the recycling is not smooth, you can appropriately reduce the ink concentration or clean the venturi. Wait for the recovery module and solenoid valve.  4. If the ink line is normal and the recovery is normal and the recovery tank is faulty, then check whether the circuit board and the recovery tank detector are working properly.   high pressure failure   High pressure failure principle: The inkjet printer system will report this warning when it detects a high pressure abnormality. All inkjet printers need a high-voltage package. The purpose of the high-voltage package is to provide voltage to the high-voltage deflection plate of the print head to form an electrostatic field of 3000-5000V. The ink line emitted by the nozzle is charged through the charging tank and has different electric charges when passing through the high-voltage deflection plate. The ink droplets will deflect out of different distances, and the product will move to form a dot matrix font.   The cause of the high voltage failure: The high voltage failure is caused by the circuit board not detecting the high voltage or the circuit board failure.   High-voltage fault repair method: 1. Check the wiring between the high-voltage package and the circuit board, check the continuity, and try to plug it in again. 2. Use a multimeter to measure the potential point of the circuit board TP17 to see if there is a 300V DC voltage. If there is a 300V voltage failure, the circuit board is damaged. If there is no 300V voltage, replace the high voltage package first to try to solve the problem.   The above is the content of the editor explaining the malfunction and maintenance methods of the inkjet printer. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have anything else you want to know, please go to the official website of the inkjet equipment: http:/// leave a message and tell the editor!
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