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Small character inkjet printer promotes the rapid development of metal packaging industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-04

In the country and even the world, the metal packaging industry is developing rapidly. With the advancement of science and technology,

Come strictly. At present, the small character inkjet printer has found a foothold in the metal packaging industry and has greatly promoted the development of the metal packaging industry. Small print

In terms of promoting the progress of the metal packaging industry, the symbol inkjet printer is mainly reflected in the following characteristics:

One , High security. The concept of safety refers not only to the safety of the container itself, but also to technical safety, as well as environmental safety and other aspects. On the whole, metal packaging is safe.

As people pay more attention to product safety and inspection methods become more and more perfect, the scope of food safety is also expanding, which requires metal packaging industry


People in the industry attach great importance to technology research and development, and continuously improve and develop new technologies, new processes and new products that are more conducive to ensuring food safety.

Second, the convenience is good. The so-called convenience has two meanings, which not only refers to the convenience of product packaging, but also refers to the convenience of supermarket product display. In recent years, the golden

outer packaging has done a lot of work in this area, such as the development and application of packaging forms such as magic jars and easy-to-tear lids. It can be said that super convenience is a major trend in the development of the metal packaging industry, and it is believed that metal packaging companies can show their talents in this regard.

Third, the economy is good. The packaging industry has entered an era of diversification. For example, metal packaging, flexible packaging, and glass packaging have been developing very fast in recent years, and the technology is also improving. Metal packaging has also done a lot of improvement work, such as the selection of high-quality and low-cost new materials, and the use of new processes to reduce the amount of materials, all of which are very

Reduce the cost of the enterprise.

Fourth, strong traceability. The information printed by the inkjet printer on the metal packaging generally includes the production shift, shelf life, and production date, etc., which greatly improves the packaging of the product

Management strength and management ability. Therefore, it will become inevitable to further improve the traceability information on the metal packaging.

The small character cij printer, with mature technology and high cost performance, is an ideal choice for the metal packaging industry.

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