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Small character inkjet printers can be used in multiple industries

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-04

Since the concept of Industry 4.0 was put forward by the German government, it has brought about the fourth global industrial reform led by intelligent manufacturing. my country is also very important to this change.

The country has successively introduced a number of preferential policies and measures to vigorously promote domestic industry. Nowadays, more and more manufacturing companies have begun to transform into smart factories, and they have seen the scale for the first time.

The smart chemical factory is based on the digital factory, using the technology of the Internet of Things and equipment monitoring technology to strengthen information management and services, and the enterprise management can clearly control the production

The production and sales volume of products has greatly improved the controllability of the production process by reducing manual intervention on the production line. The production data can be collected in time and accurately, so that

the production plan can be prepared reasonably and the production progress can be grasped at any time. The smart chemical factory creates a comfortable and humane environment by strengthening emerging technologies such as green intelligent means and intelligent systems.

Chemical factory.

The IoT-based digital intelligent chemical factory cannot do without various cables, pipes, and densely packed terminals and lines. The identification must be particularly clear. If the line is not marked

Clearly identifying or missing the label will cause a lot of trouble in the early operation and debugging of the entire equipment and the later maintenance. Here is where the small character cij printer comes in.

. It can be seen that the application of small character cij printers in smart factories cannot be ignored.

In addition, different industries, different workshop environments and different temperatures may have a significant impact on general coding equipment, such as frequent failures, such as Logo

I am not clear, etc. For example, some chemicals in the workshop are in a strong acid and alkali environment, some may be stained with oil, and some are in a high temperature and high humidity environment, because

This requires that the cij printer is highly adaptable to the environment, and the reliability of the inkjet effect is very high.

The inkjet printer is a professional equipment that provides a leading position in providing high-quality industrial identification equipment. It integrates Ru0026D, design, production and sales in many countries around the world.< /p>

Home and area have a large number of customers. It is widely used in many fields such as wire and cable, food and beverage, daily chemical, pipeline, building material, medicine and so on.

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