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Small characters spurt the code machine principle and application scope

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-21
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small characters spurt the cij printer, also called continuous ink jet ( CIJ) . Spurt the cij printer, the principle of small characters, is the use of pressure will ink droplets into uniform and evenly spaced, through the CPU processing and phase tracking, some ink is applied by charging different charge, thus through an electric field when the deflection. The deflection drop drops fly out of the shower nozzle in the mobile product surface, form a lattice, and print design, and did not use the droplet can be recycled back to the system, the reason is also called the continuous inkjet laser marking machine.

inkjet machine drops, the formation of the machine cavity interior ministry, under the action of ink in the piezoelectric crystal, inkjet divided into droplets, each ink drops is very small, only half of the human hair in diameter, and the number of drops per second injection of up to 120000. Drops, after the formation of the charged electrode to spray printing required drops filled with different charge, without the need for drops will cycle back to use in the system. The charged drops through the electrostatic field between the deflection plate, liquid drop speed and the electric charge to drops on the base of correct positioning, and spray print out accurate words, Numbers, or design.

small spurt the code machine, the application scope of characters due to wrong contact jet printing method, CIJ has a variety of functions. Regardless of the material porosity, size, shape, or texture, it can spray print on most materials. In addition, the small character jet. the solvent ink can be instant dry, so especially suitable for spray print in product moves along the production line.

Linx spurt the cij printer is mainly used in small characters on a single product spray printing variable information - — Such as date, time, specific text, batch code, product name and logo, etc. As industry regulations strictly, become the inevitable trend for the traceability of product data, small characters jet. the played an important role to meet this demand.

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