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Small characters use consumables need to spurt the code machine matters needing attention

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-21
Small characters use consumables need to spurt the code machine note source: this website the author: admin date: 2019 - 3 - 19 browsing: 0, the all products in our life is applied, the small character spurt the code machine application was occupied very big one part. And remove the laser marking machine small characters spurt the code machine code is quite perfect intuitive, is now the mainstream of industrial marking equipment.

small characters use material matters need to pay attention to spurt the code machine, in the use of small spurt the code machine process of essential character is less machine consumables ( Ink, solvents, cleaning agents) , these are for daily use necessary needed to spurt the code machine. Material is one of the main core part of a spurt the cij printer, so must pay attention to when buying use consumables, attaches great importance to the purchase, use, maintenance and repair service. Because once the spurt the cij printer appear problem, so light, shut down will result in a short time or can lead to paralysis, the whole production line to not work, production capacity is not up to standard. So tong yi jet. the small make up repeatedly prompt its importance, is in order to let the customer pay more attention to, don't mess with consumables, penny wise and pound foolish.

in normal work, spurt the code machine ink moderate amount is very few, most of the consumption in the solvent, the solvent consumption is more than fifty percent in volatile that on the one hand, on the part of the ink road running chalk line, we can observe when it came out from the nozzle through the whole process of deflection plate into the recycling tank, will be in contact with air. Inevitably there will be a certain volatile at this moment, the evaporation can we learn from sealing, and as far as possible to reduce air flow guarantee time maximum growth. Small characters use material matters need to pay attention to spurt the code machine, small characters spurt the code machine consumables used by different models differ, buying spurt the code machine consumables must seek professional manufacturers. Good consumables manufacturer enables you to greatly provide the production efficiency. and stable operation without spurt the code machine consumables, the company professional sales spurt the cij printer, laser marking machine consumables has more than ten years, we should not only guarantee the cij printer is stable and reliable in operation, as well as to control the price within a reasonable range.
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