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Small laser engraving machine how many money a - Laser direct manufacturers

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-24
Small laser engraving machine, also can be called a portable laser marking machine, characterized by small volume, easy to carry and can work even in narrow space, more practical. How much is a small laser engraving machine? Some manufacturers may tell you directly. Material of different materials need to use different types of laser marking machine. If your product is metal or plastic, such as stainless steel, iron, copper, engineering plastics, electroplating materials, ABS, plastic rubber, epoxy resin, etc. , please use the fiber laser marking machine. If it is a kind of non-metallic materials of cloth or wood, you should use the CO2 laser marking machine. In addition, there are less use of ultraviolet laser marking machine. The price of different types of laser marking machine is different. In practical applications, the optical fiber laser marking machine is the most commonly used, more than 80%, so we are in small optical fiber laser marking machine, for example, went on to explain. Is different in different power supply price. The power of small optical fiber laser marking machine is 10 and 30 w, 20 w w. The greater the power, marked the faster speed. It is like our home use electric light, 60 W bulb brightness less than 100 W. On the market the most common three kinds of power supply is 20 w, 10 w is rarely used ( After all, is a bit slow) 。 If you require high-speed marking, you can choose 30 w, 30 w but the price is several thousand yuan higher than 20 w. Laser different quality and stability of the laser, the price is different also, of course. The optical fiber laser marking machine, laser applied to chong xin product combination and more. Both the quality and stability of the laser is very good, price difference is not big, there are other brands of laser, have better, there's, there are different, there is no longer listed. Small laser engraving machine is finding wider and wider application fields, complex degree is becoming more and more high, become an indispensable part of the present production and life. Laser marking machine can reduce the production cost, improve production efficiency, inhibition of fake and shoddy products, can track the advantage of the products, etc. , and even replaced the traditional ink coding machine, which is closely connected with its own advantage.
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